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The key mission of “ATM Partners” holding company – is to work for the benefit of Your health!

Highly profound management and marketing, combined with wide assortment of modern medications contributes to the constant growth of clients on the local market. Flexible service conditions policy allows the Company to provide its clients with the best terms for cooperation, thus facilitating additional volume of offers aimed at the achievement of the main goal – satisfaction of client’s needs.


The history of “ATM Partners” holding company

Year 2003 – the beginning of the “ATM Partners” distributing activities on the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan, obtaining a wholesale license on medicines and healthcare products of domestic and foreign production.

Year 2007 – the establishment of the “ATM Pharm” LLC – the manufacturer of solid forms of pharmaceuticals

Year 2007 – the establishment of the “National Investments” Company, the development of commercial real estate business

Year 2008 – the opening of the Samarkand branch/warehouse of the “ATM Partners” LLC

Year 2009 – the first ready-to-use medications release by “ATM Pharm” LLC

Year 2011 – the opening of the Andijan branch/warehouse of the “ATM Partners” LLC

Year 2011 – the beginning of the “National Investments” Company’s activities on the distribution of hygiene cosmetology products under the “Dewell” trademark

Year 2012 – the opening of the Bukhara branch/warehouse of the “ATM Partners” LLC

Year 2012 – implementation of the “ATM Sanita Pharma” Foreign Enterprise LLC project on the opening of its own production of the parenteral and antibacterial medications in the form of dry powder in bottles

One of the leading holding companies - “ATM Partners” LLC, working on the Uzbek pharmaceutical market, started its activities in October 2003 as a Limited Liability Company. “ATM Partners” LLC operates under the pharmaceutical license issued by the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the “Wholesale distribution of medicines and healthcare products of domestic and foreign production”.


“ATM Partners” Company is one of the most rapidly growing pharmaceutical wholesalers on the Uzbek market. Over a thousand of medicines and other medical products is distributed by the Company to the pharmacy chains and therapeutico-prophylactic institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Sound assortment strategy, profoundly elaborated logistics, professional and highly responsible staff, reliability in work with suppliers and vendors – all this brings competitive advantage to “ATM Partners” and enables its dynamic development on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Company is being widely represented within the Republic by numerous branch offices and a chain of pharmacies. We are available in such regions as Samarkand, Bukhara, Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, Syrdarya, Djizak, Khorezm areas. The Company cooperates with more than 40 local and 30 foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as “Actavis International”, “Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.”, “Ajanta Pharma”, “Bayer Consumer Care AG”, “EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC”, “Gedeon Richter”, “Lupin Limited”, “Olain Farm”, “Polpharma”, “PRO.MED. CSPrahaa.s.”, “Zentiva Saglik Urunleri San. VeTicA.S.”, “AVVA RUS”, “Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov”, “Kievmedpreparat”, “Nijfarm”, “Farmak”, “Farmkomplekt” “Pharmstandard” and many others.

The company keeps on strengthening its position on the local market by means of massive enlargement of the product range, and also through attracting customers by various promotional programs: bonus discount systems, incentive prizes and mutually beneficial conditions, free delivery of goods within the whole Republic.

The company created all the necessary conditions for the productive work of its employees, all the needed equipment is in place, specialized warehouses and cars enabling fast delivery of orders are also available. The warehouses of the Company allow for all the hygiene and sanitary conditions and technological environment required for the storage and wholesale distribution of medicines and healthcare products.

The commissioning of new production capacities, the application of contemporary information technologies, high professionalism and dedication to work from the side of the team – all this allows the Company to significantly improve activities aimed at the provision of pharmaceutical products for the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“ATM Partners” LLC is an official distributor of foreign companies manufacturing medicines and healthcare products. In particular, the Company executes governmental orders on providing clinics and pharmacies with syringes, infusion systems, sterile and non-sterile gloves, thermometers.

In 2007 the Company started implementing the project on opening its own production “ATM Pharm” LLC, specializing in the manufacture of solid pharmaceutical forms (pills, capsules, dry mixes in sachets). In 2009 the Company managed to successfully produce the first set of pharmaceuticals.

The activities of the Company are aimed at maximum identification and satisfaction of needs associated with improving health of consumers, giving preference to modern and effective medications.

The necessary prerequisites have been created for liquidating the dependence of the Republic on the importation of vitally important medications. There has been ensured substantial contribution to the creation of national pharmaceutical industry, capable of keeping production standards at a high level and holding export potential. Facilitation of sales is based on the assortment offer system, import substitutability and price appeal.

The production is designed in absolute compliance with current standards, rules and recommendations, ensuring the manufacture of high-quality medications under continuous stage-by-stage control, in accordance with labor protection and safety measures, and also taking into account international GMP, ISO 14644-(1-5), ISO 9001:2008 standards. The production is executed using the newest equipment. The quality of raw materials corresponds to the requirements of international standards specified by BP, USP, Eur.Ph., JP. Today the stock list of the “ATM Pharm” LLC includes around 20 names of pharmaceuticals manufactured under the industrial mode of operation. In the nearest future the Company plans to master the production of a series of modern medications.

Innovative Company «National Investments» carries out research and production activities aimed at creating sanitary-hygienic agents conducive to make people's lives more comfortable, safe and pleasant.

We are united by one mission - "Caring for people's health!"

Today the activity of the Company comprises two key areas – production and sales of the following products under the “Dewell” trademark:

* antiseptic hand gels (instant hand sanitizer);

* antibacterial liquid soaps.

The Company collaborates closely with the leading domestic and foreign research institutes in the field of sanitation, hygiene and cosmetology, as well as with well-known foreign manufacturers of sanitary agents.

Highly professional staff and profoundly established partnerships with various research institutions and leading manufacturers are the key to the high quality of offered products.

“ATM Sanita Pharma” Foreign Enterprise LLC was established in 2010 during the implementation of the “Project on the production of injection antibacterial medications in the form of dry powder in bottles”. During the years 2012-2015 the factory plans to master and organize a step-by-step production of around 25 parenteral antibiotics.

The factory is designed and operates in absolute compliance with the requirements of international GMP EU standard. Also, the company has started a complex job on the introduction of the quality management system – ISO 9001:2008. The launch of the Project for the complete production cycle is anticipated for the second quarter of 2013.

Currently the Company carries out activities aimed at obtaining the state registration on a series of cephalosporin antibiotics, including combined forms. The short-term schedule of the Company takes account of a step-by-step mastering of the modern antimicrobial agents, including such groups as: carbapenems, glycopeptides, monobactams, polypeptides, etc.

The mission of “АТМ Sanita Pharma” is to provide growing needs with highly efficient and safe parenteral antibiotics.






The management of FE "ATM Sanita Pharma" LLC expresses you its respects and gratitude for successful, long-term and smooth work. ...
The management of "ATM Pharm" LLC  expresses you its respects and gratitude for successful, long-term and smooth work. We wish yo...
The management of "National Investments" LLC expresses you its respects and gratitude for successful, long-term and smooth work. ...
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